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Safe Money Specialist, Tax Free Accounts

DORA is known for her professionalism and deep knowledge of Safe Money Retirement Options.

She understands concepts like how to preserve retirement money and create income in both rising and falling markets. This knowledge is crucial in our rapidly changing economic and political atmosphere.

With her expertise in retirement planning, she creates a game plan for lasting retirement outlet that ensure You will have lifetime income.

Our mission isn’t to find you a good solution. Our mission is to find you the perfect solution. I strive to take the guesswork out of your retirement planning and finding the predictable retirement strategy, so it will eliminate stress and unknown from your life.

We specialize helping clients with qualified plan rollovers (IRA,401K,403b, and TSP), long term care protection or planning, asset protection with no market risks, retirement income planning, life insurance, tax free income strategies.

Remember, the first step to achieving your financial objectives is to meet with an experienced financial advisor and identify all gaps in your current retirement strategy.

Second…. it might be more appropriate to learn more about you, your goals to see, if we can even help you….

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Member of NAPA and NIPR.


Trusted Life Insurance Advisor, Safe Money Specialist

Dora has been working in Insurance since 2014 and her aim is to provide excellent answers to your insurance questions. Insurance is an ever changing business, and she wants to help you, throughout the future years, with your insurance needs.

Keep in mind that we do write ALL lines of insurance, including Regular Life Insurance, Mortgage Protection Insurance, Final Expense Insurance and of course, Retirement Planning for You and Your Family.

Member of NAPA and NIPR.

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Fun is like Life Insurance; The Older You Get, The More It Costs"

Kin Hubbard

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